1Zpresso (E-PRO Series)

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1Zpresso Manual Coffee Grinder E-PRO Series

Always buy a ground coffee in supermarkets or pre-grind your coffee beans from stores?

You will get a deteriorated coffee even your premium coffee when time passes by, just like never go back to the youth.

Grind and brew your own fresh coffee beans with a pleasant, and indulge to a relaxing life.


Your specialty coffee needs a perfect grinder!


Grind only what you need for each brew, no more expire ground coffee.

External numerical scale ring

Intuitive and faster to adjust your preference grinding degree in a second

which like using an electric coffee grinder.

A coffee latte for the morning, a pour-over coffee for the afternoon.

Your brain only focuses on the most important thing instead of scratching your head on what grinding degree you used last time.

Designed with a unique heptagon conical burr,

suit for many different brewing methods, especially for pour-over coffee,

the evenness of coffee powder causes the taste clean and bright.

Internal fixing between the burr and central shaft, stability while grinding.

Less residual powder, never waste your specialty coffee beans anymore!


Quick-disassembled Structure can be disassembled/reassembled thoroughly without any tool,
completely clean up,
you don't have to worry about residual powder will affect the coffee flavor,

just enjoy and share the happiness of coffee tasting.

The capacity of the receiver approx. 25-30g (Depends on coffee beans type)

just suit for a cup of coffee no matter pour-over or espresso.




  • Please read the instruction carefully before use, and according to the grinding degree reference to fine your perfect grinding degree.
  • DO NOT clean grinder with water, use the brush and blower only.
  • Due to the precision process, take off the central shaft and burr might damage it.


Package Contents:

1Zpresso E-pro Grinder, Anti-Slip Sleeve, Dust Brush, Dust Blower, Protective Bag, Portable Bag, Instruction Manual

(The electric drill is not included in the package.)


Product specification:

Weight: 650g (1.4lb)

Dimensions: 2" D x 6.7" H (5 x 17cm)

Powder capacity: 25-30g (according to beans type)

Material: 304 Stainless-steel, Aluminum alloy, Wood


One Year Limited Warranty