1Zpresso MINI (Q2 Series)

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1Zpresso MINI Manual Coffee Grinder Q2 Series

MINI Double Bearing Manual Coffee Grinder Q2 Series



Don’t want to drink the 3 in 1 anymore, don’t worry about the cleanliness of the coffee machine.

It’s time to find a near-perfect solution for a coffee addict.


Enjoy a moment of peace in the office, grind the beans whenever you'd like to have a cup of coffee, easily clean and storage when you have done.

Can't fine adjust the grinding degree as you want by a coffee shop?

Each has own flavor taste even in the same brewing method.
It is not unadjustable anymore, fine adjust for a few tries to find your perfect unique flavor.

Never know where is the starting point?

Numeral Dial

Unlike others which without any graduated dial, can't identify the starting point even has it.

Waste your time and coffee beans to find out the perfect grinding degree, not to mention memorizing your favorite grind size after disassembly for cleaning.

Quick-release structure design

The grinder can be disassembled and reassembled easily without any tools.

Take apart and clean, you will be surprised how it's simple.



Double Bearing Designed, the key point of stability while grinding

The capacity is 15-20 grams (according to beans type), serve for a cup of coffee, no matter pour-over or Y3 portable coffee maker
Satisfy the demands of a coffee addict.



  • Do not clean the grinder with water. The grinder can only be cleaned by dust brush and blower.
  • Please do read our instruction manual and the reference of grinding degree before operation.
  • The burr was calibrated and fixed on the grinder by 1Zpresso. Self-disassembly may affect grinding accuracy and cause damage of grinder.

Package Contents:


1Zpresso MINI Manual Coffee Grinder Q Series, Slip Sleeve, Dust Brush, Instruction Manual (The electric drill is not included in the package.)

Product specification:

Weight: 445g

Height: 13.8cm

Diameter: 4.7cm

The capacity of powder receiver: 15-20g (according to beans type)


Material: 420 Stainless-steel, 304 Stainless-steel, Aluminum Alloy, Wood


One Year Limited Warranty