1Zpresso Coffee Maker (Y3)

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1Zpresso - 1Z - Y3 Portable Coffee maker
(Stainless Steel powder container)
Non-Electric Portable Coffeemaker


Just like at home, having a good coffee during lunch break in the office.

Within 4 min of beans grinding by our E grinder and coffee brewing, an espresso can be made easily.

Enjoy the happiness of making coffee. Design your own flavor within a few palm pressing.

Professional coffee can be made easily with easier brewing method. Easier process results in an extraordinary experience.

Refine your stereotype of making espresso, making espresso easily with the Y3 coffee maker.

The Y3 coffee maker equipped with stainless steel powder container can be applied with finer coffee powder to fully reflect various flavor of coffee beans. It can definitely satisfy your picky taste of coffee.

Tamping can be applied to enjoy different flavor of espresso.

However, no need of professional skill, tamping skill, or special technique, a rich and aromatic coffee can be easily made and enjoyed.

One way valve design that can be seen on coffee beans bag is applied on the stainless-steel powder container for keeping the freshness of coffee. Coffee lover can enjoy the happiness of brewing professional coffee while traveling. Conserve the original taste of coffee, enjoy your coffee time anytime and anywhere.

Due to its one-way valve design, stainless-steel powder container containing the powder can be preheated in hot water before brewing to experience different flavor of coffee.

It has a quick-release feature that allows you to easily detach each component without any tools and can be cleaned thoroughly running water.

The stainless-steel powder container is made of stainless-steel 304 with better durability. Bigger capacity of container with bigger quantity of espresso.

Without any electricity required, espresso with considerable crema can be brewed within a few pressing. Use the maker with coffee stand (need to be purchased additionally) for easier preparation and extraordinary texture.

Save space while storing, bring your favorite coffee beans and Y3 coffee maker, brewing your coffee wherever you want. Enjoy and share your joy of brewing with your friends when traveling or even camping. Having a wonderful coffee time with your beloved family and friends.

Package contents:

Upper chamber kit of Y3 coffee maker, Stainless-steel Powder Container (SSPC), Stainless-steel Tamper, 51 mm SSPC Holder, PC Beaker, Protective Case, Portable Bag, Documentation.


Product specification:

Weight: 765g

Height: 23.5cm diameter: 7cm

Powder capacity: 16-18g (according to beans type)

Material: Food Grade PA66/PBT, Food Grade rubber, 304 Stainless-steel, Aluminum alloy


One Year Limited Warranty