1Zpresso JX Manual Coffee Grinder - Silver

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1Zpresso JX Manual Coffee Grinder Silver Capacity 35g with Assembly Stainless Steel Conical Burr - Numerical Internal Adjustable Setting, Portable Mill Faster Grind Efficiency to Coarse for Filter

Product Description

1Zpresso Manual Coffee Grinder JX
1Zpresso J-Max Manual Coffee Grinder 1Zpresso JX-Pro Manual Coffee Grinder 1zpresso jx grinder 1Zpresso K-Max Manual Coffee Grinder 1Zpresso K-Plus Manual Coffee Grinder 1zpresso Q2 grinder
J - Max JX - Pro JX
K - Max
1Zpresso K-Plus Manual Coffee Grinder 1Zpresso Q2 Manual Coffee Grinder
Brewing Method Espresso All-round Pour-over All-round All-round Pour-over
Adjustment External Top Internal External External Internal
Microns Per Click 8.8 12.5 25 22 22 25
Magnetic Catch Cup
Capacity 35-40g 30-35g 30-35g 35-40g 35-40g 15-20g

Package Contents:
1Zpresso JX Manual Coffee Grinder, cleaning brush

Product specifications:
Color: Silver
Weight: 683g
Dimensions: 17 x 5.7x 18 cm
Grounds Capacity: 30~35g
Material: 304 stainless-steel, aluminum alloy, and wood