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Sul de Minas is the most important coffee production center in Brazil with about 14 cities, and the region accounts on average, 30 % of Brazilian production of coffee. Among the factors that contribute to South of Minas has increased competitiveness in coffee production are the climate and soil; infrastructure of the properties; varying production systems; tradition and sustainability. The mountainous terrain is ideal for coffee production. The altitude varies from 950 to 1300 meters and the annual temperature stays around 22 to 24ºC.


 Santa Lucia farm was bought in 1994. Since then, all the family has been working together, respecting and protecting the workers of the farm. The respect and the gratitude to the farm workers is so great that, the coffee produced there, received the name of one of them, the oldest one, Diquinho. In total, there were 62 hectares of land, used only for cattle. In 1998, the owners decided that it was time to invest in another type of agribusiness and then, began to planting coffee, dedicating 8 hectares of land to it. This number has grown and today the farm counts on 123 hectares of land, dedicating 30 hectares for coffee and has an annual average production of 1000 bags.The remaining areas are represented by native forests which were 25% recovered, since they didn't exist when the farm was boughtIn 2016, the family poured its efforts into producing high quality and excellent coffees, which went on to conquer during the Cup of Excellence competition, where it won 6th place in the natural coffees category.Sweetness is the main characteristic of this coffee and it also presents interesting complexities of flavours due to the "terroir" of this small micro-region known as Serra das Abelhas.



Origin: Brazil

Region:  Sul de Minas

Altitude: 900 -1020m

Varietal: Yellow Catuai

Process: Natural


Notes: Almond, Nuts, Chocolate, Syrupy and Floral Aftertaste. Silky and Full Body.