Colombia - Antioquia Carbonic Maceration (Micro Lot)

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Highly fermented, this caturra variety was processed using a method called carbonic maceration: a wine processing technique that highlights sweetness and sugars over variety and terroir. This coffee fermented for 200 hours and then dried naturally for an additional 25 days. This is, for sure, the most exotic coffee we will carry this year. It’s incredibly sweet, and tastes like candy. Do not expect traditional flavors here, you won’t find them.

Origin: Colombia - Antioquia

Process: Carbonic Maceration

Variety: Caturra

Altitude: 1800 meters above sea level

Notes: Bitter Sweeet, Chocolate, Black Currant, Cinnamon, Dark Chocolate, Juicy, Raisins, Red Grape, & Strawberry.

Description Filter Espresso Milk Based
Dose 22gr 19gr 20gr
Yield   45gr 32gr
Time 2:45 min 30sec 28sec
Ratio 1:13    
Brew Temperature 86°c-92°c    
Grind Size med to Coarse