Colombia Manantiales

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Andrés and Olga Lucía Londoño, the third generation of coffee and entrepreneursLorem Ipsum. is simply dummy text of the printing

Estate, located on a hill of the Central Andes mountain with an and typesetting industry.

of approximately 1950 meters above sea level. Across dozens of and surrounded Lorem Ipsum has been the by a vast untouched mist forest which they like the five-sense forest industry's standard dummy because of the multisensory experience you when of nature you walk. These text ever since the 1500s, inside particular. You can characteristics feel, hear, touch,of smell magnificent and taste and environmental when unknown printer conditions allow it to have a unique for producing took a galley of type and the highest quality coffee. On this farm their varieties of coffees scrambled it to make a type Caturra, Castillo, Maragogipe, Red and Yellow

Gesha, and Tabi, each one planted in micro-lots. Jorge Isaza, the of the farm, specimen book. It has also an agronomist, with a Q grader license. survived not only five

is in charge of centuries, but also the leap monitoring the coffee from when the seed is until it is taken to threshing. Moreover, a team of an agronomist, engineers, into electronic typesetting, food engineers are part of the team that makes so special. Socialremaining essentially and environmental responsibility are key to Andrés and Olga, the farm works in conjunction with the for rural development. Manantiales is a farm full of fauna and is common to find wild animals, therefore, hunting is prohibited.

preservation of all species is a priority. The farm has acquired the Alliance certification since 2018.


Growing Altitude: 1450-1750 M.A.S.L

Botanic Cultivars: Caturra - Castillo

Picking: Selective Recollection of ripe Cherries

Fermentation: Washed aerobic fermented for 36 hours extended in tank..

Drying: in silo on different phases to stabilize water activity  at 40C

Density: 730g/l

Notes : Oak, cloves, star anis, molasses, coffee cherry, coriander, milk chocolate, creamy body, balanced acidity

Process : WASHED

The farmers washing process varies between the following variables: 1. Ripening point of the cherries and °Brix monitoring. 2. Extended fermentation from 24 to 132 total hours 3. Pre-fermentation in cherries and post-fermentation after de-pulping, monitoring temperature, and pH. 4. Aerobic, anaerobic, or Oxygen restricted. 5. Mechanical and natural drying methods or a mix of both, always monitoring temperature and time. 6. Stabilization steps in climate-controlled warehouses in Grain pro bags. 7. Climate-controlled storage at 16 – 18 °C The process is very precise, a record of every change of variable applied for which can be consistent with every lot we produce in flavour and Q score


Caturra is a natural mutation of the red bourbon varietal, originally from Brazil farmers adopt this variety of altitudes 1450 to 1750 m.a.s.l. Caturra is famous for its bright citric acidity and can be produced to have three different cup profiles of honey and caramel, spices and aromatic herbs, and red berries all through the different fermentation processes developed for this variety


Castillo is a Colombian variety that was developed in 2005, a hybrid between caturra and a hybrid of timor. Specially developed for the Colombian environ- mental conditions, however, as the country is so biodiverse it is adapted to grow at altitudes of 1450 to 1750 m.a.s.l. Developed two signature blends named 'Estate' and 'Estate Plus', in which castillo helps to enhance the vibrant acidity and to bring smoothness and character to the cup