DHPO French Press Travel Set with Grinder & Canister (Mini Travel Bag) - Black

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Coffee kit for coffee lovers. For coffee lovers, they are willing to spend time to make themselevs own cup of coffee and they want it to be as good as possible. Their pursuit of the perfect brew is why coffee lovers willing to buy different kinds of coffee makers, and french press is one of the most popular coffee maker. For coffee lovers, they want to drink coffee everywhere. So this Porcelain coffee maker kit is perfect to carry it to park, to beach or hiking.

What’s in the kit? You could find everything you need to make french press coffee on the go. Firstly, a coffee grinder with adjustable grinding selector. Use it to grind perfect size coffee grounds in short time. Secondly, a mini french press. This is a compact size for brew 300ml coffee. Thirdly, 2 coffee cups. 180ml capacity cups are perfect to match the mini french press. Finally, fresh coffee bean is always important, storage coffee bean in this ceramic coffee canister.