Gater Coffee Filter - Brown

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The Gater 2-4 Cup Coffee Filter is designed and crafted to work with pour-over brewers to produce a superior cup of coffee.

Gater 2-4 Cup Coffee Filter Main Features:

  • Cone-shaped white paper filter for Size 02 pour-over hand brewers
  • Use one filter to brew a single cup of coffee at a time
  • 100 x disposable white Size 02 Paper Filters
  • Produces a clean, flavorful, sediment-free cup of joe
  • Gater 2-4 Cup Coffee paper filters make for convenient brewing and cleanup
  • The use of paper filters is exceptional in a busy shop environment that still places the importance on individually freshly brewed cups of coffee full of aroma and body.

Top 4 tips for making the purest pour-over coffee:

  1. Always rinse out your Gater Filters with hot water after placing it into your pour-over to avoid a papery taste in your coffee.
  2. Evenly extract your coffee by stirring occasionally or wiggle your pour-over in a gentle spirally motion to ensure you have an even saturation.
  3. A medium-coarse grind size that is similar to sea salt helps make a superior extraction.
  4. Make use of a ratio scale like the innovative Coffee Essentials Coffee Scale with Timer, which allows brewers to make perfect pour-over coffee by pacing the amount of water to pour; automatically calculating the amount of water needed based on the measured coffee grounds used and your chosen ratio.