Hario V60 Coffee Paper Filter 02 (40 sheets)

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About this item
  • Hario V60 cone shaped disposable paper filters for pour-over brewers
  • Each filter is for single time use
  • Contains 40 disposable white size 03 paper filters
  • Capacity of Size 03 is 1-6 cups
  • Designed in Japan to fit the cone shaped Size 03 dripper

The origin of the V60

Make your perfect cup of
coffee using an Erlenmeyer
funnel and an Erlenmeyer flask
used in a chemistry lab!

  • HARIO was established in 1921 as a manufacturer and seller of scientific products. The origin of “V60” started as brewing coffee using a familiar Erlenmeyer funnel and filter paper folded into quarters found in the company. Realizing that the conical shape (parabola of Y = X2) is the most natural and effective shape for filtration, the personal cone-shaped “Coffee Madness Era” dripper was released in 1980. The current "V60 Transparent Dripper" was created to evolve this shape to easily reproduce the flavor of cloth drip coffee using a paper filter.
  • The name "V60" comes from the V-shape of the conical dripper with a 60° angle.

  • Cloth drip coffee became popular throughout Europe around 1763. The V60 resembles the shape of the cloth drip, which has a long-established history.

  • Cone shape

    The V60 Dripper has a cone shape. The V60 Dripper allows for a deeper layer of coffee grounds than conventional fan-shaped drippers, with water flowing towards the center. This facilitates longer contact between the coffee grounds and hot water and a more thorough extraction.

    Large Single Hole

    One large opening allows for extraction similar to a cloth drip, without restriction on the poured water by the dripper. You can change the taste of your coffee by adjusting the rate at which you pour the hot water, allowing you to enjoy your coffee as you like it.

    Spiral Ribs

    The ribs (bumps) inside the dripper stretch up to the top to create a space between the paper and the dripper, allowing air to escape without hindering the expansion of coffee grounds caused by their “steaming.” Designed to maximize the flavor of coffee.

  • The V60 dripper has a structure that allows even those who seek a light taste or prefer a softer bitterness to enjoy their coffee.

  • Pour quickly for a smooth taste, or pour slowly for a richer taste. It is also easy to adjust the taste of your coffee by adjusting the extraction speed.

Here are some basic instructions for using and brewing with V60

Here are some basic instructions for using and brewing with V60

V60 basic recipes

Preparation and ratios

Preparation and ratios
  • Step. 1

    Fold the zippered part of the paper filter and set the filter snugly inside the dripper.

  • Step. 2

    Set the dripper onto the server and pour hot water over the entire paper filter to warm the device and remove any odor from the paper filter. Dispose of any hot water poured into the server.

  • Step. 3

    Put an adequate amount of ground coffee into the dripper to make the desired cups of coffee, shake gently to flatten it, and then place the dripper onto the server.

  • Step. 4

    Pour twice as much hot water as the amount of coffee, starting slowly from the center until the entire ground coffee is soaked, and wait for 30 seconds.

  • Step. 5

    Divide the pouring of hot water into 3 parts. (Amount of hot water per pour = 4 times the amount of ground coffee) Pour hot water in a spiral shape from the center, avoiding pouring directly onto the paper filter. The brewing time should be within 3 minutes, regardless of the number of cups.

  • Step. 6

    Brewing is complete when all the hot water poured into the dripper has fallen into the server.

The taste of V60

Take pleasure in discovering your favorite beans, brewing method, and inventing your recipe.

*Take pleasure in discovering your favorite beans, brewing method, and inventing your recipe.