Papua New Guinea Lamari

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Our Lamari blend is named for the Lamari River that flows through Papua New Guinea's Eastern Highlands. Lamari offers an 83 to 84 SCA cup score with dark chocolate, mandarin orange, and black tea flavors that are accompanied by pronounced sweetness, a clean finish and a light-to-medium body.

The Lamari blend is named for the Lamari River that flows through the Eastern Highlands. It is selected by our QC origin team from a robust selection of coffees sourced from a vast network of smallholders in the Lamari River Valley. Our vertically integrated and whole-harvest sourcing makes our Lamari blend accessible and sustainable. Our dual focus on producer resilience and roaster success means consistent quality that you can rely on.

The remarkable quality of this coffee is a direct result of years of extension services and work with smallholder producer groups on improving picking, pulping, sorting, fermentation and drying practices.


Lamari Washed
Lamari River Valley Coffee Gardens
Arusha , Blue Mountain , Bourbon, Typica
1,700 to 2,000 meters above sea level
Various smallholder farmers working with Sucafina PNG
Obura-Wonenara District
Eastern Highlands
Apple, Brown Spice, Brown Sugar, Chocolate, Full-Bodied, Sweet
Description Filter Espresso Milk Based
Dose 20gr 18gr 18.5gr
Yield   38gr 30gr
Time 2:45 min 29sec 27sec
Ratio 1:15    
Brew Temperature 86°c-90°c    
Grind Size Med to Coarse