Sirio-Q Premium Coffee Grinder - Matt Black

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Sirio-Q has been created to revolutionize the way of grinding the coffee.
The new premium grinder has been designed to meet the needs of baristas who are constantly looking for a coffee with a perfect balance and a unique flavour.
Several years of researches and constant improvements have led to the collection of reports and data that allowed us to discover new methods, technologies and parameters to observe.
The concept > the shape of the coffee powder < it is the result of this research that demonstrates the fundamental importance of size and uniformity of the particles of the ground coffee.
Sirio-Q is the first coffee grinder of Quamar’s new vision which best represents this principle.

Main innovations

Brushless motor

  • – up to 1000 W power
  • – self learning – delivers only the necessary power to win the effort required during grinding, using more power only if the coffee beans are harder to grind
  • – energy saving
  • – reduction of the heating in the grinding chamber
  • – coffee dose accurancy and consistency
  • – silent motor
  • – speed regulation 900 – 1200 – 1500 rpm

Mechanical transmission

  • – new transmission system (patent pending)
  • – independent motor and grinding chamber
  • – minimised thermal transfer
  • – undo micrometric movements caused by dilation of overheated materials
  • – extremely stable grinding compartment


  • – 77 mm flat burrs
  • – vertical position for a lower retention
  • – steady position of the burrs
  • – micrometric control of grinding range by frontal ring
  • – perfect particle size curve for all grinding standards
  • – innovative design for the ideal grinding in any application: espresso, Ibrik, filter, cupping (patent pending)

Main features

  • – output pipe made in glass, for minimise retention and electrostatic charge
  • – universal fork: adaptable to any portafilter
  • – easily removable magnetic fork
  • – customisable touchscreen display with intuitive electronic interface
  • – customizable screensaver
  • – standard USB port
  • – aluminium body
  • – futuristic and clear profile
  • – adjustable LED lights from the display 

Technical features

Burrs: flat ø 77 mm, vertical, food friendly
Electric supply: 220-240v / 110-120v - 50/60 hz - 400W of energy absorbed on average
Brushless motor with scalable power
Speed: three options: 900 - 1200 - 1500 rpm
Suggested daily production: 15 kg
Recommanded grinding modes: Ibrik, espresso, moka, filter, V60, cupping
Dose system: Double/single shot (easy setting in the display) or manual single dose
Starting switch activated by the portafilter
Grinding adjustment: Stepless micrometric
Materials: Aluminium body
Standard hopper capacity: 500 g
Net weight: 20,5 kg
Dimensions: 200 x 390 x 630 mm (lenght-width-height)
OPTIONAL: 250 g - 1200 g - 1500 g hoppers