Tiamo Coffee Syphon 3 Cups with Micro Gas Burner

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Tiamo Coffee Syphon 3 Cups with Micro Gas Burner


This cloth filter brewer is not only fun and exciting to use but it produces a clean crisp cup that showcases the distinct qualities of a coffee.

Simply place water in the bottom globe and heat with the burner. Water vapor forces the water into the top chamber, where the coffee grinds are placed. Give the grinds a couple of good stirs. Brewing time should take between 45 and 90 seconds. Remove heat, once this is done the coffee is syphoned back down to the bottom globe. Remove top chamber and is ready to serve.

Pay attention to every sip as the next one will be different. the flavour changes as the temperature changes.

The 3-cup syphon pours 375ml

Including gas burner.

Try a unique coffee experience and order your syphon today.