Tiamo Water Drip Coffee maker (25 Cups) HG2650 - Large Unit

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The HG2650 is the same as our popular HG2713, but BIGGER! This unit is perfect for busy cafes that have perfected their brew and want to impress customers by pumping out larger quantities of cold brew.

At 1.1 metres tall this cold drip is larger than life, and makes sure you never run out of cold brew. The massive glass coil adds a laboratory feature and the supersized cylinders can hold up to 2.5litres of water. 

All of our Cold Drip parts are individually bubble wrapped and boxed. These are set in prepacked custom fitted courier boxes to avoid breakage during transit.

Comes with 100 paper filters and a stainless steel filters


 * Wooden Rack
 * Large capacity water tank
 * Dripping speed adjust knob
 * Capacity: 25 cups