Timemore Digital Thermometer TAC019 - Black

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Display Introduction

* Temperature accuracy:

0.1 below 100 0 C/ 1 0 F

1 below 100 0 C/ 1 0 F

Temperature error: ± 1 0 C / ± 30 F

Temperature range: -20 – 120 0 C

                                     -4 – 248 0 F

Temperature unit: 0 C / 0 F

Power Button Introduction

  1. Long press 1 second to power on or off
  2. Short press to switch temperature unit
  3. Short press to light the display


  • The temperature probe is sharp. Please pay attention to safety in use.
  • Do not use over the thermometer measurement range.
  • Please do not use with the following: Microwave Oven, Electric Gas, Dishwasher.
  • Do not wash and immerse the Display and power button.
  • Before and after each use, clean the temperature probe in time to avoid affecting the measurement accuracy.


Power Saving Mode

The Display lights off automatically in continuous use for 3 minutes.

It will get turned off automatically in 5 minutes if there is no operation.

  • Battery: CR2032 3V, 210mAh

This product used a button battery.

Please refer to the following steps to replace the battery when the power is used up.


  1. Use a tool to unscrew 4 screws (in Red) to remove the bottom shell.
  2. Take the button battery (in red) from the gap and move it evenly out. Then install the new battery
  3. Put back the shell. tighten the screws to finish the replacement of the battery