Timemore G1 Plus Grinder with Titanium Burrs - Black & Wood

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  • Timemore G1 Plus hand grinder
  • Cleaning brush
  • Owners manual
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timemore G1 Plus laying down top view
timemore G1 Plus grind adjustment view


The Timemore G1 Plus has the same high-quality aluminum and black walnut used on other Timemore models but in greater quantity and distributed with a different style. The body and interior of the grinds-catch are made of aluminum alloy; the axle, dual bearings, and crank arm are made of stainless steel; and the pommel and exterior of the grinds-catch are made of black walnut. The burrs are premium, too, taking the E&B burrs of the Slim and NANO Plus models and coating them in a layer of titanium nitride that will make them last longer and feed more efficiently. The result is a smooth, quick, and consistent grind for every kind of brewing method.

timemore G1 Plus grinds catch view


In the G1, Timemore created a grinder that is both similar (in its materials) and different (in its style) from the other models in its lineup. Where the NANO and Slim have more of a contemporary look, the G1, in its juxtaposition of manmade and natural materials, has a classic, modern aesthetic. The grinder is bookended by black walnut but has a strong center of dark gray aluminum. The most obvious difference, though, is in the G1’s rounded cuboid shape, a departure from the true cylinders of the NANO and Slim Pluses and C2 before them. The G1 is truly a one-of-a-kind grinder from a company that is fast becoming the foremost manufacturer of affordable premium hand mills.

timemore G1 Plus full body view


The G1 Plus, like all Timemore grinders, has a stepped grind adjustment system. The grind size is set by turning a dial on the bottom of the center burr. The dial, which is on a wheel attached to the axle, pushes the center burr closer to the outer burr when turned clockwise (creating a finer grind), and pulls the burr away from the outer burr when turned counterclockwise (creating a coarser grind). The system is easy to learn, especially since each “step” is accompanied by an audible, dare we say pleasing, click. The G1 Plus offers a full grind range, with espresso starting around 7 clicks from zero and pour over starting at around 15, and a total practical range of around 30-35 clicks. See the manual for recommendations.

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    All metal body and grind system

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    38 mm conical burr set

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    Full grind range with stepped adjustment

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    High precision CNC manufacturing

More Features

30-gram capacity

Dual bearings for axle stability

Modern metal and wood design

Titanium-coated burrs


Model: Timemore G1 Plus Manual Coffee Grinder
Grinder Body Dimensions: 170 mm x 50 mm x 50 mm
Weight: 568.5 g
Capacity: 25–30 g
Materials: Aluminum alloy, austenitic stainless steel, black walnut
Burr Material: Titanium-coated steel
Burr Type: Conical
Burr Size: 38mm

Timemore Grinder Comparison

Model: Chestnut C2 Chestnut NANO Chestnut Slim Chestnut G1 NANO Plus Slim Plus G1 Plus
Burr Type: Stainless steel Stainless steel or Titanium-coated steel Titanium-coated stainless steel Stainless steel or Titanium-coated steel E+B E+B Titanium-coated E+B
Hopper Capacity: 25g 18g 25g 30g 18g 25g 30g
Weight: ~450g ~375g ~425g ~570g ~375g ~425g ~570g
Dimensions H/Ø(mm): 160/60 125/45 175/45 170/50 125/45 175/45 170/50
Preferred Application: Filter Depends on burr choice Espresso Depends on burr choice Multi-Use Multi-Use Multi-Use