Yemen Raymi (QIMA)

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G O V E R N O R A T E : Raymah

A LT I T U D E : 1,500 - 2,000masl

PROCESS: Natural

SENSORY : Syrupy Sweetness, smooth, cinamon, Red fruits, chocolate with a velvety body.

The Governorate of Raymah

The governorate of Raymah can be found in western Yemen.

The name Raymah itself comes from the Wadi Rima, a lush valley.

The majority of the people of Raymah speak the old Himyarite dialect. Nestled in the green mountains are small, rural villages.

To travel from one village to another, you must be prepared to descend down the side of a mountain and up the other side.

The weather here is cold in winter and mild in summer. Agriculture is a very important sector to the people of Raymah; vegetables, fruits, grains and coffee are all grown here, as well as the farming of livestock such as honey bees, cattle and sheep.

Before the conflict in Yemen started, Raymah was known throughout Yemen for its agriculture; however, the industry and livelihoods that depend upon it have recently come under threat and is one of the primary drivers behind the increasing poverty rates

Description Filter Espresso Milk Based
Dose 24gr 19gr 20gr
Yield   48gr 34gr
Time 3:00 min 32sec 30sec
Ratio 1:14    
Brew Temperature 87°c-91°c    
Grind Size Med to Coarse