Collection: BCB (Barista Carl’s Blend)

Finally, training without wasting.

BCB (Barista Carl’s Blend) is a non-consumable formula designed for latte art and milk frothing practices at a fraction of the cost.


Why use BCB?

Well, how does improving your skills while reducing milk wastage and saving money sound? No brainer, right? We think so too. 

Our smallest format, 30ml (1oz) replaces up to 10L of milk and reduces costs by 50% or more.

Let's be honest, free pour latte art has become unavoidable in the specialty coffee industry. 

This method of pouring does not cost nor take any more time to produce than an ordinary latte. 

As many of you within the specialty coffee industry know, free pour latte art indicates that the milk (or dairy-free substitute) has been properly homogenized, called "liquid foam". 

The precision, the symmetry, the contrast, the complexity, and the beauty of the motif poured acknowledges the experience and passion of the barista. 

Elegantly serving lattes with precision and consistency require an incredible amount of practice. For this reason, the cost of milk has always been the largest obstacle that latte art's evolution 

 Finally, you may now practice without the guilt of waste of milk, or money. 

Give a cow a break, use BCB!

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