Collection: NAKED

Some call it bottomless, but down under we like to call in Naked.

The coffee experience can be very stimulating. Not many like to discuss this but coffee making is a very joyful experience if done correctly. This is why our tools will allow you to take control of the precision and give you a better experience by looking good and feeling great.

The naked portafilter allows one to understand what variables in coffee making are out of order and need improvement. By controlling variables, Pesado 58.5 is able to enhance your coffee experience, from the stylish look of our handles to the quality in the stainless steel manufacturing.

All Naked portafilters are available in all handle styles to fit most domestic and commercial machines. You can pair up each style with a handle of your choice, whether you are looking to bring out the earth tones in your setup with a wooden handle or stick to the sleek industrial look of the modular range.