Collection: TAMPERS

The most common and loved item in all coffee making is the coffee tamper.

The coffee tamper allows the user to control a key variable in coffee making, so why not allow the tamper to take control by having the ultimate precision?

The first ever modular 58.5mm tamper in the market, the Pesado 58.5 tamper size has now become an industry standard, with more and more business alike developing matching 58.5 mm tampers.

With an average weight of 0.6kg, this tamper packs a punch, allowing baristas to work smarter and strain less. The 90 degree edge of the tamper allows for a wider coverage when tamping, reducing the chance of channeling.

The Pesado tamper range is divided in two categories, the modular range and the wooden range.

The modular range has been out in the market since 2018 and has received nothing but good feedback. They are divided in two sections; a white or black acetal thermoplastic body and a modular stainless steel top. These are secured to the body and are separated by a stainless steel ring.

With over 8 different combinations the user is able to pick and choose from 4 different modular tops (bronze, black, gold and silver).

The acetal thermoplastic body, or POM for short, comes in two colours, white or black. Each modular tamper includes a lateral screw that not only secures the body to the tamper but gives the tamper a unique industrial look that cannot be copied.

The next in line is the wooden range. A delicate material if not used correctly, the Pesado wooden tampers are put together from quality woods that grow abundantly and are sourced ethically. The vision behind the wood designs come from a mix of classic tamper shapes and the Australian coastal breaks. Inspired by local surf and coffee culture, we developed Raya and Ola, our wooden tamper range.