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Brazil - Diamond Minas Gerais Natural

Brazil - Diamond Minas Gerais Natural

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This reliable Brazilian coffee comes from a variety of farms in Minais Gerais, Brazil. It has been expertly blended by our partner  Cooxupé to present an impressively consistent cup profile from year to year. Because it provides such a consistent profile, this coffee is a great base for any blend that will keep your customers returning year after year for the same beloved flavours.




           NY2 17/18 ss

1,100+ meters above sea level
Minas Gerais

NOTES: Almond, Dark Chocolate, Apple, Caramel

Description Filter Espresso Milk Based
Dose   19gr 20gr
Yield   48gr 31gr
Time   33sec 27sec
Brew Temperature      
Grind Size      

Diamond is a true jewel of a coffee. Expertly blended to present an impressively consistent cup profile from year to year and sourced from a variety of farms in Minas Gerais, Brazil, this coffee is a great addition to any drip or espresso blends. 

The resulting blend is a well-balanced coffee that appeals to a wide range of palates. The result is a profile of a neutral and smooth coffee that will provide a solid base for other flavours in the blend to stand on. Diamond is NY2, which refers to the number of defects allowed in the green beans. Our partners employ strict sorting standards that ensure that few-to-zero defects remain by the time the beans reach our customers. 

The NY2 designation assures us that there are no more than 4 visible beans with defects in a 200 gram sample. This small number of defects would be unnoticeable in most cups, ensuring a consistent and delicious flavour. This bean is screen 17/18, which is the second-largest possible bean size. The large, consistent beans are between 6.75 and 7 millimetres. This small variation among beans makes it easier to roast all beans to the same level. 

Screen sizing is part of the final milling process in preparation for bagging and export. Milled green coffee is introduced to a large machine composed of multi-tiered tables, each with a ‘screen’, that sit on top of one another. In Brazil, the first screen has wires slightly less than 8 millimetres apart. When green coffee enters the machine, the tables vibrate, and all beans smaller than 8 millimetres fall through the screen to the next screen. This next screen size is slightly smaller than the previous and again, beans are shaken until all the smaller ones fall through. This process is repeated several times until the smallest size, 5.5 millimetres is reached. Beans are separated and graded according to the screen they did not fall through. Using this method, processors can achieve greater consistency in size and make roasting easier. 

Finally, “ss” stands for “strictly soft” which means that the cup is stable and clean.

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