HIROIA JIMMY Smart Detach Scale With App

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Jimmy is a smart scale with a detachable display that streamlines your workflow. Avoid a cluttered working station while also improving visibility and body posture with convenient, eye level readings. Bluetooth connectivity and a magnetized display makes it easy to set and view from any angle. Suitable for both espresso extraction and pour over brewing, Jimmy offers endless coffee making possibilities. Jimmy’s companion app lets you choose to brew an award-winning recipe, create your own or simply train your barista skills - the choice is yours.

Detachable display

Detach and mount the Bluetooth enabled display for unmatched versatility.



Companion app

Gain full control of your brew through the designated scale app.

Training mode

Measure the speed and consistency of your flow rate to improve your barista skills.




Detachable Display

Detach and mount the Bluetooth enabled display at your convenience

Jimmy Companion App

Gain full control of your brew through the designated scale app

Espresso Mode

Auto-tare and Auto-start/stop timer giving you a choice to fit your extraction habits

Pour-Over Mode

Bean weight, flow rate, water volume and water-to-bean ratio are just some of the key metrics offered in the final brew print

Training Mode

Measure the speed and consistency of your brew flow rate to improve your barista skills

Display Mode

Duplicate the digital display to your smartphone, and showcase your routine to help train future baristas

  • JIMMY detachable smart coffee scale
  • JIMMY can be used for both espresso and pourover. You can detach the control bar and place it anywhere you like.
  • In espresso mode, there are three different ways of recording your extraction process.
  • In pour over mode, there are two ways of creating brewing recipes. Either program in the recipe or freestyle it.
  • JIMMY can record both extraction time and weight.
Available for iOS & Android
  • Weighing Range:0~2000g.
  • Dimension of scale:120mm x 120mm x 19mm.
  • Dimension of control bar:120mm x 25mm x 25mm.
  • Material:Stainless steel, PC, ABS, Rubber.
  • Recommend charger:5V/ 1A.
  • Standby Time:1,000 hours.
  • Metal-matt surface.
  • Square-shape design.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Works with JIMMY calibration process.
  • Keep your JIMMY weighing accurately.
    • Product name:HIROIA JIMMY Mass Weight 100g.
    • Model number:A-JY-006.
    • Dimensions:36x36x10 mm.