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Sanremo Opera

Sanremo Opera

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Opera Espresso Machine

Matte Black - Stainless Steel - White 

The Opera has raised the bar in espresso machinery with the ultimate in precision performance. Designed by world leading baristas for the specialty coffee market.

This machine is the ultimate experience for the cutting edge barista with three different fully programmable stages of infusion via a Controlled Delivery System. This unique system allows you to obtain the perfectly balanced extraction for any kind of coffee.


  • Programmable via tablet (included with machine) – six profiles per group head with independent extraction profiles.
  • Bluetooth connectivity allowing all settings to be adjusted live via an app with ease.
  • Mathematical extraction with controlled delivery system – consistency is the key for the perfect coffee.
  • Multi-boiler system with PID control – a preheat boiler, a dedicated steam boiler and independent group boilers.
  • Boilers made from 316L stainless steel, the highest quality stainless steel available.
  • Three different fully programmable stages of infusion: Pre-Infusion, Infusion and Post Infusion.
  • Profiling via adjustable gear pumps – allowing separate pump pressures per extraction.
  • Power Options for the 2G Model: 7.7kW programmable to 6.5kW; 3 Group 8.75kW programmable to 5.7kW.


 Opera Machine Specifications

2 Groups

3 Groups
Width (mm) 745 1,040
Depth (mm) 645 654
Height (mm) 440 440
Cup Clearance (mm) 100 100
Power Capacity (amp) 32 40
Boiler Capacity (liters) 8 8
Pre-Heating Boiler Capacity – Each (liters) 2.8 2.8
TCS Boiler Capacity – Each (liters) 0.5 0.5


Available In:

2 Groups – 440V (3 Phase)

3 Groups – 440V (3 Phase)



- Matte Black
- Stainless Steel
- White 
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