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With the Bialetti moka, the pleasure of drinking a coffee becomes a daily ritual. Passion and an original touch are hallmark features of Bialetti coffee makers. Modern, contemporary design meets time-honoured tradition, so you can savour all the taste and aroma of coffee made in a moka every day. Bialetti’s online store offers a selection of different moka pots that meet every requirement when it comes to making coffee. These traditional coffee makers are for all the family, because Bialetti knows that the coffee break is even better when it is shared. But Bialetti also produces small coffee makers, for those wanting a little time to themselves. If you can't do without the creamy taste of an espresso coffee like the one served in cafés, try the hob-top coffee maker, so you can savour an intense, full-bodied coffee with a creamy head at any time of day. Bialetti's colourful coffee makers are also a delight to look at. From glamorous tones to the colours of the Italian flag, they add a cheerful touch to your relaxing coffee breaks every day. Find out more about the harmonious, pared-down lines of the steel mokas, for those who seek elegance even in the most everyday tasks. If you want to wake up to the intoxicating aroma of freshly-made coffee in the morning, try the moka coffee makers with a timer, so you can set the switch-on time and keep coffee warm for 30 minutes. With its electric coffee makers, Bialetti has also turned its attention to those who want to enjoy the taste of their favourite coffee even when they are travelling, in the office or away from home. Bialetti offers Italian-style coffee buffs all its experience and passion. Its research into the finest materials guarantee an efficient result, combining refined design with respect for the taste of the best traditional coffee.

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