DHPO High Quality Stainless Steel Multipurpose Ceramic Turkish Coffee Pot

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This ibrik is made of heat resistant stainless steel material.
It's suitable to put on flame, and can serve to make a better taste of coffee.

PRACTICAL KITCHEN ACCESSORY: This multipurpose Arabic coffee pot is a must-have accessory for every kitchen! This super practical coffee pot is durable, versatile, with a sturdy wooden handle and a diversion mouth, that facilitates handling and ensures a firm grip.

PREMIUM QUALITY: Enjoy the outstanding quality of this multipurpose Arabic coffee pot, carefully crafted with top-quality stainless. The material is corrosion-proof and eco-friendly, thus safe for all your family. Also, the handle is long wooden handle which is heat reisistant and sturdy and long so you won’t burn your skin from the steam.

MULTIPURPOSE USE: You can use this multipurpose Arabic coffee pot for many purposes. You can make delicious Turkish coffee or tea. Also, you can warm milk and melt butter, which makes this ibrik super practical and versatile.

6 Ariabic coffee pot wooden handle