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DiFluid R2 Extract Coffee Refractometer

DiFluid R2 Extract Coffee Refractometer

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DiFluid R2 Extract

coffee refractometer

What's DiFluid refractometer used for?

1. For coffee Roastery:


  • This Refractometer will be used in roastery brew bar. with difluid coffee refractometer meaning they won't have to fight with the QC lab and traning lab.
  • Coffee roaster will use DiFluid coffee tds refractometer to record recipe and dialling in data with cropster cafa, which will help they improve their roasting.


2. For Coffee Beans Farm:


  • In quality laboratory, coffee beans farmer analyze the coffee for export, they test different preparation methods and DiFluid coffee tds refractometer would be of great help.


3. For coffee school student:


  • DiFluid cafa App tie DiFluid coffee meter R2 Extract and Coffee Scale Microbalance together as a kit for brewing, it is very helpful for those wants to extract a specialty coffee!


4. For coffee barista competition :


  • Support competitor to record and control and make a perfect cup always.


Companion App-DiFluid Cafa

coffee tds

How to using DiFluid Brew Control System to brew a coffee golden cup?

Solution 1:


  • Caculate how many water and how weight of coffee ground you need according to formula of golden cup:
  • Brewed coffee* TDS%/coffee grounds= Extract.
  • for example, supposing your coffee it is golden cup, then coffee extract is 21.5% and coffee tds is 1.4%, then you can calculate the brewed coffee should be 230g, and coffee grounds should be 15g
  • Then when you brew, you can use coffee scale Microbalance to see brewed coffee up to that weight.
  • And after the golden cup be done, you can using coffee refractometer R2 Extract to measure the TDS.
  • If it is no be golden cup range 1.15-1.45, changing variables - type of bean, temperature of the water, length of brew, and to brew again until it be the taste what you like.
  • Finally :using DiFluid café app to record your coffee recipe.


Solution 2:


  • Scan the coffee recipes QR code on DiFluid cafa App, Finding a golden cup coffee recipe, and then the data will guid you how to brew, how many water, and how many beans and how much brewed coffee.


Why choose DiFluid Coffee TDS Refractometer?

coffee refractometer

The advantage of DiFluid coffee tds refractometer


  • [Ambient Light Rejection]--DiFluid coffee refractometer utilize a 2-dimensional CMOS sensor rather a 1-d CCD, reducing risk of misalignment and fragility, to make DiFluid refractometer still accuracy even caps off!



  • [Against Scratches]--DiFluid is a original factory and inventor, the tech Microcalibration Layer is a huge jump on the refractometer industry that make the refractometer still accuracy even after scratches or drop. This is other refractometer can't be so.



  • [Automatic Temperature Compensation]--Usually temperature will affect accuracy of refractometer. DiFluid reduce temperature interference from outside environment by a compesation between two separately place dual temperature sensors within coffee tds meter.



  • [Companion App]--DiFluid coffee tds refractometer connect with DiFluid cafa App for golden cup extraction and share coffee recipe with their store employee or friend to make a good coffee always.


when test coffee tds, you can choose what mode to test.

coffee tds meter

What update of the new model coffee refractometer R2 Extract?

DiFluid R2 Extract
R2 Extract

How to use?

R2 Extract


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