Drip Coffee Bag

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Drip Coffee Bag is a method which involves pouring water over roasted, ground coffee beans contained in a filtered bag.


KAF's Drip Coffee Bags are single-use filtered pouches, pre-filled with specialty ground coffee.

KAF Drip Coffee Bag is ready-to-brew, just add hot water & enjoy.

No prep, no cleanup, no fuss. Fits most mugs and cups, pocket portable, and no noisy coffee makers.

Cup Profiles:

Ethiopian Sidamo: Fruity notes, apricot and chocolate flavors, stone fruit aroma, and bright acidity.

Ethiopian Guji: Floral aroma, complex and citric acidity, and fruity flavors.


Kaf Blend: Combined with its muted acidity, makes an elegant, exotic cup of coffee. With the taste of roasted caramel, and hints of chocolate makes it truly exotic.


Note: One Box = 10 sachets


Please specify in notes the origin you want.