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Ethiopia - Guji Hambella G2

Ethiopia - Guji Hambella G2

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Ethiopia Guji Hambela Specialty roasted coffee named after its unique site at the highest mountain peak of Guji, Hambala. Within purely organic farming, these fine coffee beans are pulled from one of the greenest areas with unparalleled views of Ethiopian mountains, greenery and rich ancient Ethiopian cultures. Harvested once a year between November to January by local farmers with the red cherry hand picking tradition. It’s rich aromas are highlighted by the drying method of Natural Specialty, offering a truly satisfying cup of specialty roasted coffee with a rich body of floral, fruity, spices, citrus and lemongrass notes with a crisp acidity.

Recognizing the unparalleled quality of this newly known Guji site, with a yet deep natural heritage, along with a diverse, strong and rich culture of community, coffee fields are fully organic. Unconditional farming ethics, coffee plants are grown with no fertilizers or chemicals. During which local farmers do the light pruning, hand picking, sorting and drying in bed double types. Thus, ensuring to expand the area's footprint for great roasted coffee beans with a wider worldwide radical impact, offering outstanding brews. Characteristic of Guji is the location.

A combination of altitude and varieties, a site that creates a distinct taste and all of its coffee is processed as Q1. Guji – Hambela. Having the most privileged spot in the area, this washing station is surrounded by the Wamena river, known by the community as holy water that brings prosperity and peace. Further, their coffees are harvested from a wild forest plantation known as Mother Trees, which are grown under the shade of many local indigenous trees, like Cordia Africana.

Farmers cultivate this Natural coffee in the rich volcanic soil of Hambella in the Guji region.


Guji Hambella Gr. 1 Natural
JARC varieties , Local Landraces
1,900 to 2,100 meters above sea level
Farmers working with Sibu Coffee
SENSORY: Floral, Fruity, Spices, Citrus, Lemongrass with a Crispy Acidity. 


Description  Filter Espresso  Milk Based
Dose 18gr 18.5gr 19.5gr
Yield  35gr 20gr
Time 2:30min 29sec 26sec
Ratio 1:15
Brew Temperature  88°c - 90°c
Grind Size Medium
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