Saraya Runner Bar Mat Black

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  • Features:
    1. Purpose: Long rubber bar mat is the perfect product you need to avoid sticky spillages and stains on your bar.
    2. Material: Being made from a hard wearing rubber that's flexible easier than traditional bar mats to clean and maintain.
    3. Design: Designed to be used as a drinks preparation mat for bar tenders and baristas as well as a general serving mat.
    4. Uniqueness: Along the length of the mat are 10mm spikes that allow the spillage to be collected and empty easily whilst leaving the bottom of the glass dry.
    5. Application: Perfect for any pubs, clubs, bars or and home bars.
    Material: rubber
    Color: black, yellow, red, blue
    Size: 8*60cm/3.14*23.6inch; 15*30cm/5.9*11.8inch; 30*45cm/11.8*17.7inch
    Shape: rectangle
    Packing quantity:
    1* non-slip mat

    1 X Non-slip Mat